Online Series K2 (10-20KVA)

Applied to servers, data centers, critical network devices, sensitive electronic equipment, telecom. enterprise servers,small and medium sized lans,small rooms,small precision electronic instrument.

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  • Technical Specifications
  • Parallel Units with a Single Output of up to 80kVA
  • True N+1 Redundancy
  • DSP Double-Conversion On-line Sinewave Design
  • Input Power FactorCorrection
  • LCD Display with Advanced Monitoring for Easy UPS Management
  • Programmable 50/60Hz Frequency Conversion
  • Wide Input Voltage Window
  • Precision Output Voltage Regulation
  • Superior Brownout, Surge & Transient Protection
  • Optional Extended Battery Banks & Chargers
  • RS-232C, RJ45 & Optional SNMP/HTTP Agent
  • WINPOWER® UPS Monitoring & Management Software