Online Series K3-PF 0.9 (10-400KVA)

High quality and availability of energy adapted to suit specific critical needs,covering a vast range of applications,it provides maximum protection for vital ‘mission-critical’ networks, security applications (electro medical) and industrial applications.

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  • Technical Specifications
  • High accuracy and reliability due to the double DSP control system
  • The working status of UPS is displayed clearly on LCD screen
  • Designed for industry to make sure the UPS works well under the bad circumstance
  • With isolated transformer output and can drive the load of motors series directly
  • Make sure the reliability and safety of the load and system due to the full protective function
  • Cold startdirectly and smart operation for users
  • Advanced network monitor function and support various system
  • UPS can be easily interconnected owning to the special control technology