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Why we should be equipped with UPS for power systems?

Dear Customers!

    UPS (UPS) is an important part of a comprehensive power system. In case of power failure, the appliance run generators often not fast enough to sustain the operation of computers. Only new UPS timely response to this case. For larger buildings, generator start as soon as he took power. But it took several minutes (4m), new generator stable during the whole building without electricity (the uncertainty what will happen during this time ???). If using UPS tutoring system will completely overcome this (supply during temporary power loss.


1 / solutions and the most advanced security to protect your computer and data

Sudden power failure or voltage instability flutter is one annoying problem with individuals or businesses often use the computer it will lose or damage of the data as well as the work unsaved and our effort becomes

cup success. Therefore, it is necessary to have an energy storage device to the computer still function normally even when the power was cut off completely to save you time data or doing on your computer. To solve that problem, "UPS", also

called "UPS" was born. Product line is the ultimate protection for office computers, including peripherals, UPSs have a reasonable price, which not only store but also efficient power protection equipment information which is sensitive to variations in voltage.

When the input voltage changes suddenly even no power, the devices connected to the UPS is still the best protection. In addition to hosting the stored electricity voltage is integrated voltage regulator capable. This technology allows automatic adjustment

the output voltage of the input oscillation conditions.

2 / UPS solution against blackouts Intelligent

   Every time the power outage or system jitter will impact negatively on the psychological problems, disrupt work and daily life of people. Electricity is also a key factor in production. According to estimates, just one hour outage, losses can exceed 1,000 billion. The high-tech industries totally paralyzed when power shortages. Therefore, a stable electricity supply is one of the factors leading concern in investment, economic development - society of our country.

Normally, businesses, households using generator when a power failure. However, while using the transmitter, there is an interruption in supply during startup and power transfer; furthermore, the transmitter not only inconvenient but also very noisy, exhaust from generators to pollute the environment and affect the people around. Also, due to the transmission frequency of the generator is not stable so very harmful to electronic equipment. With solutions professional UPS equipment, users can be assured when using large electric energy while maintaining the ability to work reliably, prolonged use of electrical equipment as well as bring high economic efficiency for households and businesses.

 UPS uses devices attached to the use of electricity today is regarded as an intelligent solution and saving. Will minimize the loss of tangible assets (electric equipment, production lines, ...) and intangible (data data, design ideas, ...) even as the potential risk of life man is the shock patients are spending life in hospital require tracking of medical appliances, electrical equipment (Patients undergoing emergency surgery on the table ...) people in elevators, rolling doors, automatic doors ... UPS increasingly being recognized and appreciated not only by the authorities, the specific sector but also by consumer demand to equip the family as fans, lights, doors, camera system family ... The variety of types and features of UPS has brought peace of mind to the users comfort in all areas of life.